App Verification Services began operation June 1, 1984 in Dallas, Texas.  The company remained in Dallas for several years before moving its offices to Carrollton, Texas where it remained until August, 2000.  AVS moved the offices to East Texas and remains in that location today. 

AVS is a closely held corporation with two officers.  Both officers have extensive prior experience in property management of both multi-family and residential real estate.

The AVS goal is to obtain enough information about your prospective resident that will help to protect your property and your investment and to protect you from liability issues.  As a nationwide screening service, we have access to an enormous amount of data that can be used and forwarded to our clients at an affordable cost.

Since 1984 AVS has continued to enhance the verification process so as to offer each client the information needed to make a profitable decision.  We take great pride in our willingness to go the extra mile in offering an in-depth report in an expeditious manner.

AVS constantly works to maintain its original principle of excellent customer service.